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Currently providing support and resources to caregivers in eastern Nebraska and southwest Iowa. Tools for Caregivers operates a nationally known, evidence-based program named Powerful Tools for Caregivers. Most people don't plan to become a caregiver for another person in their life; however, many find themselves in a caregiving situation as a result of either an acute incident, disability, or a chronic illness. Whether providing care at home or having responsibility for a neighbor or for someone in a care facility, down the block or miles away, caregivers face many challenges - physical and emotional - and place their own health at risk. Unlike many respite programs which provide paid and volunteer individual to give relief to caregivers for a certain period of time, Powerful Tools for Caregivers is devoted to teaching a caregiver the art of self-care. During a six-week course, caregivers discover how to thrive as individuals while managing caregiving responsibilities.



The Powerful Tools for Caregivers program is listed among the highest-level evidence based disease prevention and health promotion programs, having undergone the Administration for Community Living Administration on Aging’s Older American Act Title IIID program process. A basic premise of Powerful Tools for Caregivers is that caregivers generally believe they are doing everything they can do provide good care for their chronically ill or disabled loved one, but are not doing enough to care for themselves. Thus, the program focus is not on the care recipients’ disease or disability, but on enabling caregivers to improve their self care with a set of ‘tools.’ The focus in on enhancing caregivers’ wellbeing and coping abilities, with the key message throughout: While a caregiver – Thrive, not just survive!


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Next Class - May 25 - June 29 at 9:00 AM - 11:30 AM Location: 714 S. Main Street, Council Bluffs, IA 51503 Session material is delivered by co-leaders during six consecutive weeks, one day a week for 90 minutes. A self-care education program designed for 10-15 caregivers per session to improve self-care behaviors, manager emotions, develop self-efficacy and use community resources. Subjects include: Taking care of you; identifying and reducing personal stress; communicating feelings, needs and concerns; communicating in challenging situations; learning from our emotions, and mastering caregiving problem-solving. Sign up today!!

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